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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Top Ten Dre Songs Of All Time, #7 - Oh!

The number 7 all time greatest Dr. Dre song is...

"Oh!", off Obie trice's 2004 album "Cheers", featuring Busta Rhymes.

Listen to it here

For why the beat is amazing, I'll just refer you to my analysis of the complete song, found here, where I completely break the beat down.

As for the rap...

Obie Trice puts it down. His flow the first verse is especially amazing. Take note of how long he keeps the rhyme on the vowel sound "oh" going (notice how that is also the title of the song, and the major musical idea of Busta's chorus: "Oh - oh I had you yellin out when I bag the 30/30 rifle"... clever, ain't it?"

Just take note:

"O, that's the road you on, oh no
I'm down for the rightful tone of fo' fo'
Don't ever try to send a nigga home, no no
I know you wanna catch me at Sunoco
Show me that you're loco, put holes in my photo
NOPE!, HOPE!, hold toast, no jokes, send slugs through your Polo
Just cause our thug roll solo
Impose on grown folk, be a cold negro."


This song also speaks volumes about the rap empire Dre has established with all of the talent he directly and indirectly found. First, he gave birth to the whole genre of gangsta rap with NWA. Then, he established Snoop Dogg with "The Chronic" and "Doggystyle." Then, after working with 2 of the greatest emcees of all time in Nas and AZ with the group "The Firm", he went on to start Aftermath Records, which would sign Eminem. Eminem would go on to find Shady Records, which signed 50 Cent and Obie Trice, featured here. 50 Cent would start G-Unit, which found Game, as well as Lloyd Banks and Young Buck. Busta would be on aftermath at one point too.

Dre is the godfather of an imposing rap mafia family. Not bad.

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