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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just Cam - "Voices"

Check out this tight song that I just helped my man out with. Note the sick delivery and tight phrasing that he uses. If you like it, check out his ReverbNation page!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Now Offering Rap Lessons on Lessonface

I've recently teamed up with the excellent Internet-based music lesson company Lessonface!

I will be offering an in-depth analysis of your track for $25. You would send me a track, and then I'd send you back an email with tips and advice on how to make YOUR style more clear and direct. I wouldn't be teaching you how to rap like another rapper; I'd make your style the best you can be. I'd also include some mp3s and videos to demonstrate exactly what it is I'm talking about, so there's no confusion.

I can also do a half-hour video chat lesson for $30. If you'd be interested, email me at, and we can set something up.

You can expect feedback on:
-rhymes (schemes, length, position, number, order)
-Slang (how to make new slang by building on old slang and associations)
-How to rap on the beat
-What's happening next for rap musically

Hit me up!