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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hip Hop Headlines Support

The "Hip Hop Headlines" app, from, is easy to use. Just tap any of the rapper's name on the intro screen, and you'll be taken straight to a feed with customized news stories about that rapper. There are also included top sources for news on any rapper that you can click: The Source and Watch Loud, for instance. A custom search can be located on the button in the very bottom left with the title "Search." Just input the name of a rapper you'd like news on, and you'll get top news stories on that person.

For questions, comments, or restaurant suggestions, email

Thanks for downloading! And please think about donating.


Martin Connor

P.S. - This app, available for iPhone (and hopefully Android soon) was developed in March 2015 by Martin Connor. The names of the rappers and sources were compiled from the top posts on the reddit forum /r/HipHopHeads.

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