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Monday, August 6, 2012

Camerata Member Trell Scott's "Beef 23:1"

Trell on Trell:

"Ima street nigga in and out, im just happen to be well read (i was locked up for 12 months, reading books by the DOZEN lol) ...and as a point of honor to myself, i only speak on real life happenings even in my braggadocio raps, i never fraud or lie, so i dont worry about that..and yeah i noticed the exaggeration in Em's and Tyler's styles of rapping, Em is in my top 9, but i would never write my shit like that it's too detached from reality for me...but as far as my audience, i appeal first and foremost to myself, then the niggas on my block, then the world, in that order...i'm gonna give people a version of the Street Story relatable to all from my personal perspective..that's my goal, amongst other things...when i write i'm either telling a Story in a simple way because i'm tryna deliver a message or talking shit as slicky as i can (FLOW, metaphors, similes, double entredres, etc.) ....i appreciate Meaningful Music almost as much as i appreciate Energy Music (Club) and i plan to make the cream of the crop of both!"

Nothing more to be said, check the song

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